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megan kingery

Megan's acquaintance with addiction began as a child. Her mother who had primary custody and was a functioning addict, battled depression and self medicated with alcohol, speed, cocaine, weed, oxy, Phen, crack and more.  This left Megan to care for herself, her infant sister and even her mother, while also having exposure, offerings and personal substance abuse, at a very young age.  This environment lead Megan to temporarily live on the streets and fulfill a 30 day stay in a youth treatment center.  

Megan is using her experiences from her childhood to help other families of addiction change their environment to have healthier, loving, long lasting relationships through support, understanding, forgiveness and sobriety. 

Jonathan kingery

Although Jon had a childhood with loving, involved parents, a large family atmosphere, heavy involvement in sports and a lot of friends filled with drive and success.; As a teenager he witnessed drinking and substance abuse on a regular basis while in the presence of his older cousins and new friends. he eventually gave into the temptations of substance abuse late in his high school years.  As a teenager Jon started abusing alcohol and marijuana, then for many years started introducing other illegal substances into his daily priorities and led him to be an unrecognizable person, running the streets and having many encounters with the wrong side of the law.  After many years of substance abuse and legal troubles, Jon took his sobriety in his own hands, slowly.  Realizing the damage substance abuse and addiction had on his life Jon established a relationship with god and built his faith allowing him to be a present and devoted father and husband to his family.  Jon's goal is to share his experience with a wide age range of addicts and prove there is so much more to life than one of drugs and alcohol.  

James Tyler

James was a child from a broken home and suffered from addiction at 9 years old as a substance abuser.  James did not have opportunities to seek treatment or therapy for the unthinkable traumas he endured at a very young age. James chose sobriety and recovered from addiction on his own.  His recovery has made him a positive and passionate person who is heavily involved in church, volunteering, and has proudly worked in the substance abuse recovery and treatment industry for over 5 years as an executive director.  James has thrived in his recovery by becoming certified in Smart Recovery and training staff to provide the optimal care for active recovering addicts.  

James is motivated to save lives by sharing his experiences of recovery with clients and educating them of the meaning of trauma and addiction to prepare them for the beginning of the rest or their lives.  James believes That recovery starts with a foundation and building it up with emotional love, understanding, compassion, and knowing the true meaning of being honest with oneself to have a better life. 

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